Nordländer - the the adventure educators !

We are Joachim and Barbara Jacob, teachers from Berlin. Since 1969, we traveled through the north of Europe.
Several trips went to Finland in the Saimaa Lake District and to Finnish Lapland. Tours to Jämtland,
Härjädalen, Värmland and Dalsland in northern and central Sweden followed. In 1979 we decided to emigrate to
Småland in southern Sweden, because here we found many things we discovered on our trips: lakes, rivers and
endless forests. The canoecenter Åbyfors was established. We produced canoeing films and organized courses
for teachers and educators. Socio-educational care for family recreation and adventure-camps have been
carried out. We have also extended canoe routes, created route maps and learned from nature. And we still
see no end.

Every year from May until October we are visited by school classes, clubs, church associations, scouts and all kinds of youth groups as well as families and individuals. They all want to walk through the lonely seascapes with a canoe or kayak.

We look forward to you!


The Nordländer
Barbara and Joachim Jacob